Help and Advice

Have you or a family member or friend  been diagnosed as a Coeliac  or its related illness Dermatitis Herpetiformus?  Need help?

Woman reading a bookNot sure what the condition is or what can or cannot be eaten?  Need some advice? read more?

We have some excellent books to provide help and advice. 

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Cooking and Recipes

Did you know your condition improves dramatically if you follow a controlled diet and omit gluten from your food.

Our Gluten Free Cooking books and recipes are a sure-fire way to help and maintain your recovery.

 Delicious foods can be on your plate again. See our mouth-watering guides to tastier meals

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Medical Research

Are you a student or a medical professional  looking for more detailed information? We have in-depth research books specialising in Coeliac Disease and its related illnesses.

To help you with you research we can provide you with a plethora of information

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Download e-books

Living Well
Gluten Free Girl
Gluten Free for Dummies

Did you know you can now get books  downloaded onto your computer. No more postal delays or charges. The book is yours once you have made your purchase. read more